Facebook Marketplace?

I’m not really a Facebook person, I spend most of my time on Tumblr and Instagram, but I’m just looking into Facebook Marketplace outside of groups. Non-group Facebook Marketplace is only visible on the app and it acts more like a Craigslist than Ebay because you can’t buy through it, meaning it takes no selling fees.

That got my attention because right now I’m selling through GameFlip, Mercari, and Depop– all of these sites are taking sellings fees. On top of that PayPal is also taking their fees. With the horrible site that is Facebook, I only have to put in PayPal’s fees and now have to worry about the difference and the other three.

GameFlip is mainly for my digital games that I don’t really want while Mercari and Depop have similar items but also different sometimes. On Facebook I don’t have to have 3 apps everything (from steam games to makeup) can go on Facebook and bought through PayPal invoice. That’s what I’m going to start doing.

I’m currently adding stuff through Facebook Marketplace and though it’s local, you as a person who doesn’t live near Charlottesville, can still buy from me. I’ll be sharing items on here so you’ll be able to go to the listing. You don’t even need to befriend me or follow me so that’s pretty cool. Unless you want to follow me, that’s cool too.



This makes me feel so happy right now. Plus it’s still raining from last night 💕💕💕👌🏾! I can literally just stare out the window until the sun comes out and then I’ll close the blinds and go back into my dark room. // #Charlottesville #Virginia #rain #peaceful #autumn #fall #fallweather #bestweather (at Charlottesville, Virginia)


I haven’t Post Since February? Wow.

Sorry, I really haven’t shared anything on there for so many months. I really haven’t put much time into WordPress like I have with Tumblr or whatever else. I wanted to do game opinions like I was going to do with Asagao but that game was a little bit too much for me to handle. I haven’t even finished all the routes yet. I still might make that post but it’ll only be about one route; my favorite route, but until then it’s probably all going to be pictures on here for a long while. Pictures from my Instagram, Pictures from my Animal Crossing game, Pictures from items I’m selling in my stores… Store promotion is probably going to be the most thing you’re going to see on here since Christmas is coming up and I need to get rid of things.

If you care to check out my stores~
Depop – For clothes, books, and other things
Mercari – For more clothes, books, and other things
GameFlip – For Steam games I don’t care to play


Asagao Academy Post Updat

First off, the game is great so far. I just got done with my first route at some 2 something in the morning. I love it.

Now in the last post I had said when I was done with my first route I would write about how I felt about the game and its story, the characters. But then I saw that there are secret routes, Normal Boots aren’t even the only nerds you can date, each story is COMPLETELY different but still with the same big picture, and not only are there secret routes but there are secrets within the known routes. I finished Jirard’s run and I saw that I was still missing 7 things that I don’t know how to get.

I might wait for a walkthrough so I can see how to get these secrets, I don’t know. But what I’m now going to do is write a post with my opinion on that route’s story and very straight to the point where’s what you need to press walkthroughs. Not sure when I’m going to start doing that but that’s what I’m going to do.


Asagao Academy Comes Out Today And I Can’t Wait!

So this is just a little heads up post but at 10am PST (1pm EST for me) a dating sim that I have been waiting for since 2015 is coming out later on today and I’m really excited to play it. Asagao Academy is a YouTube dating sim where you get to date one of dudes from Normal Boots. I have been watching everyone from Normal Boots for a good while now and when I saw that this game was being made I jumped on it so fast. I wanted to all the updates, follow everyone on Twitter who’s working on the game, I just wanted to be close to this game because I love these YouTubers so much.

I don’t want to talk too much about it because I’m defiantly going to write my feels on this game going through my first run. So this is really just me pre-fangirling at 2am because I can’t sleep.

Go check out their links


Gaming IndieGogo: Monstrous Lovers – A BL Visual Novel

I do feel I’m REALLY late on this, but I just found out about this really cute dating sim going on over at IndieGogo. It only has 6 days left and could use a more support to reach its goal. As of the time writing this it is $8,177 of its $11,500 mark and I really can’t wait to see this on Steam.

This game is about a human named Christopher Wells moving to a new city because of his job transfer. It seems that in this world the monster and human races are able to live in peace with one another since the town dude’s moving to has a high monster population. Maybe a little bit too nigh as people seem to act like they’ve never seen a human before as he walks down the street. Not only do you have to deal with a new job in a new town and rooming with one of your new co-workers who you don’t really know yet, but they’re also your love interest with very different personalities. However, the fourth lovely does not work at the department that you do, so you seem around town.

As you can see this a dating sim where you can date monsters (and an android) and I’m 100% down with that. They all seem to be pretty different and kind of one sided, so most people might relate to one and that one might be the one they want to go out with. The art style is probably one of my favorite things about this game. It’s very clean, colors pop in order to grab your attention, it has that anime feel without being too anime like more otome games. Though, I’ll be cool with it looking anime af.


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Jesus Christ, update, maybe?

So I’ve been working on my “Thoughts On” for Romantic Illusions. I’m almost done with the book and that post until I went took a day break and in that break I found out some shit. I’ve been a quote un-quote fujoshi since I was 13. Now That I’m 19 I’m over using that term because I don’t think it applies to me anymore. I still read and love yaoi manga, but I’m not as “rotten” as I was when I was 13-15 years old. In fact, I would say I was at my worst and most relatable fujoshi days when I was 15.

But forget that because about 3 days ago I found out that there’s a term for boys who like yaoi called fudanshi. How I did not know this in my darker days I do not know. But also I found out that there both manga based on both fudanshies and fujoshies. Currently, I’ve been reading Kiss Him, Not Me which is a crazy fucking manga about a fujoshi dropping a bunch of pounds because she was depressed over her factory anime character dying… It’s great.

However, that was the only manga I’ve ran into where the main character is a yaoi-loving otaku. I was on reddit when I saw the term fudanshi and a pond looking that up and I came across some lovely manga to drown myself in. So far I’ve read; Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu, Akihabara Fall in Love, and is currently reading Ikenai Mousou Fudanshi right now. I have said that I don’t personally like reading manga or ebooks online because it doesn’t give me the same satisfaction like I do when holding a book, but there isn’t any of reading these English.

I’m going to try and finish Romantic Illusions and then post about the other fudanshi mangas I’ve just read. Personally, I can’t fucking believe that it took them this long to find this out and to read manga about then because they’re actually really fucking cute. A lot cuter than regular yaoi manga, to be honest.

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“Thoughts About: Manga” Coming Soon?

So I’ve kind of been on and off about this, but I kind of wanna to write my thoughts on manga that I’ve read. I have a lot of books, but manga is far much easier to get through in a good amount of time. I can read a manga in under a month, I can’t do that with a regular book.

I want to try and have a manga post up every month. I’m not promising that at all but I’m going to try.

Heads up: Most of the manga that I have are Yaoi mangas. I aim to buy more in the Yuri and shojo range later on.